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    raptor leaking

    Thanks. That makes sense. Have a service appt. next week so hopefully they get it fixed quickly.
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    raptor leaking

    I do have a sunroof. If you reach your hand above where the brake/throttle pedals are kind of behind the steering wheel you can get whatever fluid is leaking on your hands. The dried puddle was right at the bottom of the brake pedal. I don't think there could be anyway the sunroof would leak...
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    raptor leaking

    I got in my raptor the other day and noticed a dinner sized dried puddle of something on the drivers side floor mat under the steering wheel. It was a decent sized puddle. Reached my hand up under the steering wheel and was able to get some kind of liquid on my finger. Didn't smell like engine...
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    Subtle Clunking

    I am picking up my raptor this weekend and I am obviously going to take it for a test drive to see if it is clunking or not. What do I need to drive it on to see if mine has this problem? Can I just drive it on the street slow like and hear clunking or do I need to take it off road to see if it...
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    Price Increase on 2022 Raptor

    would someone mind posting a pdf of the price protection article and the youtube video out there of how to get the price protection?? Someone had posted both of these in a price increase thread but I can not find which one it was.
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    2021 Raptor 98 Miles Blown Turbo

    lemon law that shit or something
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    Awful sounds coming from my brand new Gen 3

    does this happen on every raptor? just 35 raptor? just 37 raptor? completely random?
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    Color change to 2022 Recaro Package??

    I just don't like how all the plastics/whatever other interior materials are still all black. It almost clashes. Make all the interior plastics/materials blue for the most part and it would match a lot better. Having just the seats and small other parts blue just doesn't flow right with all the...
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    Price Increase question

    what i dont understand is Ford will adjust the window sticker to show a deduction for the no blue cruise, but they wont adjust the window sticker to show a deduction for the price protection. They know if the order is a stock order or a retail order and when it was placed but they wont adjust it...
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    35 VS. 37 = SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

    Does the shock actually have more travel over a 37 shock or they both have the same travel and it is just the smaller tires give you extra travel? I honestly do not know but if the shocks have the same travel and it is just the tire size that it making it seem like it has more travel wouldn't it...
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    35 VS. 37 = SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

    Say something happened, repair bill was 2k or something like that, possibly more. Ford somehow finds out you put 37's on a 35 truck and refuses to pay for the bill. Is you dealer going to foot that bill or make you pay for it? Maybe your dealer would pay out of their own pocket, but most dealers...
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    35 VS. 37 = SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

    And possibly void parts of your warranty if it comes down to thanks. Not worth what little savings it saves you, and maybe it doesn't save you anything after you buy the new tires and wheels. 37 PP all the way.
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    Interior pics - carbon fiber package vs no carbon fiber

    Personally I think the carbon fiber almost clashes with the rest of the interior. If I had a choice I think I would just like the little door and shifter in CF and the rest just the normal interior. The way the CF connects with the normal interior on the doors/dash panel is awkward, there is no...
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    Raptors being sold in China via direct sales method…

    I can almost guarantee you that the mark-up on these vehicles being sold direct from Ford will blow away the mark-ups that you may see from a dealership here in the states. These Raptors sold directly to China will be at least $100k+ if not more. I wouldn't be surprised if they were $110/120k...
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    2022 800A Rapid Red for Sale

    They are called flippers. They knew they were going to sell before they even got the truck.