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    Powertrain Poll

    True, but it would give people the choice for their needs.. The suspension, the appearance and off road capabilities of the Raptor attracts other offroaders. Not everyone has areas for high speed Baja.. I would love to see a powerboost version because of the 7.2KW power in the bed...There a...
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    Powertrain Poll

    So the why don't Ford offer a Predator, Coyote, 3.5 Eco boost HO and the Powerboost version of a 3.5 HO as engine options when you order a Raptor..They give options for the other F150s.
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    First post old member

    Welcome, how did you like the Patagonia tire?
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    My 37 got smoked by a Hyundai SUV (question)

    You would have to stay up with the TRX to run it in the ditch... :rotflmao:
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    Completed Kevlar Spray 2021 Ford Raptor 37 Package

    Well that should make it be bullet proof.... :biggun: But seriously, it looks like LINEX. I am just wondering what the difference is ?
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    5.2L Predator v8 Specs

    The million dollar question for me is, what are they going to/use for the drivetrain and tranny to withstand the demands for HP, Torque, tire size and stresses a truck inheritably puts on drivetrains . The other question is, will it have 2H ?
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    5.2L Predator v8 Specs

    I know that some people will buy the R to pickle it and put away for an investment. I didn't buy my TRX for investment purpose and I won't buy a R for that either (if I can get my hands on one). I buy them because they are enjoyable to drive and have fun in....I really don't care about resale...
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    Leveling your front end?

    Go with Geiser Progressive Spring, you wont regret it. I figure a Gen 3 version will come out.
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    Kinda of a Dream come true

    Welcome to the SVT club.
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    Finally looked at TRX up close

    Sorry I might my 89 ford truck...
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    Finally looked at TRX up close

    I know the color,, because I had it in my 79 Ford....with Plaid seats....LOl,
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    Finally looked at TRX up close

    So hopefully you not talking about the smurfs murder scene in the new Raptor..LOl