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    Raptor R vs TRX Drag Race

    My Gen1 6.2 shows 10 mpg, Gen 2 showed 15.8, Gen 3 shows 15.
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    Raptor R vs TRX Drag Race

    Geeze, not everyone wants the baller package. I use my truck for work and drive a lot. Raptor wasn't even on my radar until I drove one, now I can't quit them. :p But, I can say I wouldn't have bought one if it got $hit mpg. So that makes 2 of us. I would say the engine is one of the best...
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    Ford ESP problems

    Seems like it's separate from the shocks then, unless it is disclaimed specifically. Worth a shot anyway. :)
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    Ford ESP problems

    Is the solenoid a serviceable item or is the whole shock replaced?
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    Raptor R vs TRX Drag Race

    Naw, I mean in the drag race, was the R in AWD like the TRX is? Sorry to get off track. LOL
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    Motortrend 2023 Raptor R Review

    Now, this is what we all expected. Nice.
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    Raptor R vs TRX Drag Race

    Did we ever get clarification that the R was indeed in AWD or just 2WD?
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    Raptor R vs TRX Drag Race

    Gen 2 would have won. :p
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    Can Ford excessive prevent ADMs?

    Sorry, there is no gun to your head to compel you to pay what they are asking. He who hesitates, mastu..., er..ends up with a TRX.
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    Boys, we've been fleeced...

    I may be wrong, but I believe when I upgraded speakers in my Gen2 the consensus was that the front door speakers make all or most the bass.
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    Steering wheel heat removal

    JC Whitney would be proud. LOL
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    Raptor R vs TRX Drag Race

    That's embarrassing. Was the R in 4wd like the TRX?
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    Scored Raptor R

    LOL. They're just staying away in droves.
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    Broken tie rods

    In his other video, he was pinning the throttle when it "broke", haven't watched this one yet, probably won't. This is very common with IFS trucks with big tires when they are doing what they aren't intended to do.