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    BlueCruise Refund Info / Poll

    Returned refund info to Ford in June & received my check yesterday!
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    Deavers install Indianapolis

    Talk to Jacob at 4WP on the NE Side of Indy. Phone: 317-890-8100
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    Clunking sound on Gen 3 too

    Kyle is great, had a great conversation with him on ideal off road tire pressures. Anyway, I thought most of the complaints on this noise issue were coming from 35" trucks? Cause all the Raptor Assault trucks are 37PP trucks. Sounds like a bigger issue effecting both 35 & 37's?
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    SVC 1.5" Collars - Impressions

    So not sure I want to take the time to learn Forescan. What kind of shops are you guys using to install your spacers and are they using Forescan to recalibrate the ride height? Are Ford dealers dependable to install spacers & recalibrate the ride height?
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    Installed 37's on Gen3 35 Raptor - no issues.

    Started in Oscoda, MI & the picture was taken out the gates at Camp Grayling. Midwest Offroad Expeditions
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    Installed 37's on Gen3 35 Raptor - no issues.

    Just ran the MOE event in Michigan over the weekend with a 35 on 37's. 37x12. 5 KM3'S on Alphaequipt 17x8.5, +25 offset. Ran it pretty hard over whoops & think we were airborne once with no rubbing. It seems to sit maybe 1/2" to 3/4" lower than a true 37pp I measured at Raptor Assault. Haven't...
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    BlueCruise Refund

    Haven't received anything in the mail from Ford. 21 delivered in Sept.
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    Rapid Red Pictures

    35 on 37 KM3'S
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    Another Shady Dealer

    Life is about choices, I pre-traded my Gen2 & got a MSRP "Special Order" last June. I borrowed a vehicle from a family member & was considering purchasing a cheap rider if my order took more than 3 months. Luckily my Gen3 arrived in about 3 months. I personally hate it when people over pay for...
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    Subtle Clunking

    Congrats Ryan, could you post your service invoice (minus personal info) so we can show our service reps the description & solution your tech used to diagnose & solve the problem? Mine said "ops check good" or "Normal". Thanks!
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    Aftermarket vs OEM Bed Cover

    First of all if your NOT "In Production" you should be able to make changes to your order like deleting accessory options. 21 Raptor history seems to suggest certain accessory options like Tonneau covers, spray in bed liners, decals, etc can hold up finishing production because they are...
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    Dealer Sold My Raptor 37 to Another Buyer!

    I would reiterate you should call Ford customer service and let them know what happened & see if they want copies of your paperwork. How they handle this will tell if Ford really cares about this abuse!
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    Deep Sleep Mode activated?

    Update: dealer tech installed new TCU & this did not solve the problem. Tech discovered a bad/cracked pin in the wiring harness connector under the dash. Ordered & replaced TCU wiring harness & problem solved.
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    Raptor Assault Registration now open

    They told me the same thing when I called in mid January.
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    Raptor Assault Registration now open

    What's s the deal with dates only through the end of May?