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    My 2023 RaptorR order

    I would swap that into your truck asap - would be much more fun!
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    Major engine issue after owning my raptor for a little over a month

    I completely agree. Something was badly flawed in your original engine, and I would ask for a COMPLETE replacement. I would not accept less. If they don’t do it, be prepared to trade this off immediately post-“fix”. You don’t want this one. So, there were probably other extenuating...
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    Just sold my GMC 2500 HD Denali

    Was your 2500 gas or diesel? I have an L5P (no 10spd) and it is deleted… absolutely fantastic truck. I have had 2 6.2 Raptors and both are great for reliability and will run long term with minimal regular maintenance. I did have two versions of the 3.5 ecoboost and was unlucky with both. For me...
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    Rebuild Gen 2 with V8 Conversion & 5-Link or Gen 3 for $25k-$30k over MSRP.........

    I would definitely start the process for going the 5L SC route so that you are preparing. That will be a fun truck! I test-drove a Roush SC truck and it was incredible.
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    Fulltime 4wd?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but AWD does not mean that all 4 are powered all the time. I understand it to be in 2WD unless slippage is observed by the computer (front wheels then engaged).
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    Graphics/Decals or not?

    I went with no graphics. I am not a fan of stickers.... and these R graphics are WAAAAAAAYYYYY over the top.
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    Raptor R Daily

    I will be daily driving mine as well. I only go to the office 3 days a week (max 150 miles total per week), and my part-time job at my fire department is only 4 miles from home. I will be giving up my diesel truck for this, so I will also be hauling trailer and loading the bed with landscaping...
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    Start/stop delete for R model

    Fuel economy section of page three.... R is listed as not having stop/start:
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    @MDJAK, the only reason to get the R is so you don’t have to get the ecoboost. Ford failed at this since 2017 by not offering another choice. Had they offered the 5.0 and the ecoboost, I bet many would be surprised by the take rate of each. Interestingly enough, the tremor now has the 5.0 and...
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Sell it in a heartbeat. Does it make you wish you would have predator swapped this truck rather than eco it?
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    Raptor buy decisions - Help

    You will want to look at the plastic oil pan on the 17 for cracks and leaks. The mid-2018+ went back to metal due to the plastic pan performance. Both trucks have the questionable cam phasers, so check history on each truck. Make sure you do your homework on that cam phaser issue, and what costs...
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    Cam Phaser rattle AGAIN - 3rd time

    Sounds like someone traded this in due to the cold start rattle. The dealer did the recall like you said (program), but never checked it after. The program was only to help keep a non-rattler from rattling. Yours must have been rattling prior, and needs torn down now to fix. You are outside the...
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    $109,145 Starting Price

    Do they make you sign a contract saying you won’t re-sell for profit?
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    Ford Raptor R July 18th Video

    Waiting for smurfslayer to pop in and say "vaporware..... there will be no R.... there will never be anything like it...."
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    what's it worth?

    I assume this is a 5.4 truck… value is only around $24k at best. Had this been a 6.2, you are looking more like $38k+.