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    Tire pressure gauge?

    A 10mm nutdriver really helps to remove the caps that come default. I just keep one in the center console until I find a better/longer cap or other option like @GoldBeach linked to. Parroting @JohnyPython Imtercomp has great but pricey options. Sheesh, 60?!?!
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    Shes home!

    This is an absolutely GORGEOUS truck. Have fun!
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    Engine/Turbos blown under 1100 miles

    What OP left out at the beginning of his post: "After a few beers..."
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    Tell me I'm completely insane for even considering this........

    I just did a road trip with my buddy in his Rubicon and it was one of the most uncomfortable trips I've ever taken. He agreed. The wait is worth it. Plus, you could buy a Jeep and engine swap a V8 hemi into it for about $15-20k less. People have been doing that for years. Edit: No, you're...
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    What did ya pay…..MSRP, ADM Poll

    I paid a $5k ADM. January 1st
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    What did ya pay…..MSRP, ADM Poll

    I bought my Raptor from Joe Myers Ford. The other customer was claiming Planet Ford was asking $20k ADM.
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    What did ya pay…..MSRP, ADM Poll

    FWIW, I ended up purchasing a dealer ordered Raptor on 1/1 (got tired of waiting on my order). While at the dealership, I was talking to this other customer waiting to see if he could get a Raptor (unlucky him mine was the last one sold). He said he had just come from another dealer in the...
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    B&O Unleashed

    I know this is a late reply to this question, but having a couple weeks now to listen, I think my opinion is formed well enough. To put it as simply as possible, it will be great for most people. I'm not an audiophile (mostly because I don't have the money to be one), but I do know exactly how...
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    Any recommendations for a dashcam?

    Looks like it does. Nothing more annoying to me than tech telling me, personally. Hopefully it can be disabled.
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    10/11 Squad

    I'm back today after vacation. My truck order was bumped to ETA 1/21, like many others here :mad:. But while on vacation, I went ahead and bought an already delivered Raptor. She's gorgeous and holy sh*t drives like a dream. I went 60mph over this railroad crossing where there's basically a...
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    10/11 Squad

    I spoke with FP and they basically said if what they're seeing is matching up with what the dealer was seeing in terms of ETA (which it was), but the tracker wasn't getting updated, then it was most (he said "99% positive") likely a convoy and the timing would be accurate. I looked up the...
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    10/11 Squad

    bro lol. when i text my sales guy to ask for a status update, which isn't much, he sends me sideways "screenshots" of computer screens. like htf am i supposed to crook my neck and see what you're trying to show me dude??? this is when he was showing me one of my updates. he sent it with no...
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    10/11 Squad

    I honestly think this whole thing depends on the dealer/sales guy. Mine is a g*d d*mn lazy bum ***, so asking them to get literally any extra information is like pulling teeth.
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    10/11 Squad

    yo Congrats man! I'm also in Cypress. Who's your dealership? My tracker updated to 1/3 a few days ago but hasn't changed since... I ordered my truck from Joe Myers