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    Stuck in 4A?

    Hahahah! Well let us know just what in the fk is going on ok? Least I can do is make another joke to keep the party going..
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    Doggo owners, what’s your front to back seat barrier?

    I only get the right size dog, and that is large and extra large and therefore there is no barrier large enough. DOG LIFE.
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    Rip Coolio

    RIP Stringbean hair baby!
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    Stuck in 4A?

    Truck too scared to go back to 2H. Hurricane gave it PTSD.
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    GEN 2 Molding carpet at passenger side

    Copy that.
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    GEN 2 Molding carpet at passenger side

    The ride door had tons of water in it after beaching..... wild...
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    Expected MPG?

    Go to the top of a hill, coast down, 99MPG.
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    Drive without front axle

    Boy oh Boy. Who needs that front axle, am I right? And yeah, isnt this under warranty?
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    Gen 3 finance rates.

    None of that matters if you have a hustle/company that can buy the truck. Write the damn thing off already. IRS is there for a reason.
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    Deflation Pressures for Desert Driving (Sand)

    Jesus 10PSI lol... Pancakes boys..
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    Gen 3 finance rates.

    I hate putting money down on liabilities.
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    Bay Area Newbie Checking In

    If you aint first..... yerrr last...
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    Fluctuating Oil Pressure Gauge

    When was your last oil change? When mine did this it was lack of oil.....