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    Amp PowerStep Xtreme 78152-01A Install

    Still have not installed these a month later. “Engineering” is getting a truck in to tackle the issue I ran into that they were not aware of. I sent pics to them to “assist” them. This module on the rear driver side frame interferes with the mount/motor. Needless to say I am not too happy.
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    Amp PowerStep Xtreme 78152-01A Install

    Thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone could offer some help… I am installing the PowerStep xtremes on my 2021. I had these on my gen 2, piece of cake to install and loved them but I see the newer gen 3 model is not the simple plug and play into obd port, now you have to splice...
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    Looks like no BlueCruise for Raptor - 801a's READ!

    My dealer told me the same thing, said Ford will be sending me a check. “Seemed“ to know what they were talking about, we will see. Picked mine up 2 weeks ago.
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    WTB: ‘21 Lead foot 35 loaded

    Appreciate it, waiting to hear back from them
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    WTB: ‘21 Lead foot 35 loaded

    Thanks! They sold that one
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    WTB: ‘21 Lead foot 35 loaded

    Hey guys, I am looking for a 2021 loaded lead foot 35 for up to 5k over msrp. I def want the moonroof and power tech package, carbon fiber I can go either way with, I would rather not have the graphics and forged wheels, but would be fine if they were included as I can always remove them. I...
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    Heated Steering Wheel

    I did the temp adjustment using Forscan, did the highest temp setting. I noticed a little difference but nothing too crazy. Worth doing though.
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    Driver's Side Window Air Noise

    I have the same issue. It is very noticeable at and above 40 mph. I have had passengers ask if a door was not closed all the way. I have been in denial but all you have to do is drive another vehicle then the truck and it is very obvious. My 14 had little to none.
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    Gen 2 Issues/Dislikes

    Much appreciated guys, thanks!
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    Gen 2 Issues/Dislikes

    Anyone else have this issue with the door handle and blue wire? Anybody get an answer or solution? I just discovered the exact same thing in my passenger door handle.
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    GEN 2 Raptor in transit

    I did not order spray in, gonna get it linexed. My 14 had linex and I was very happy with it. No graphics either. I have been reading daily here since last spring. I wonder if it is truly "in transit" to the dealer. That is why I sent that 2nd reply to ford service "to the dealer?" Who knows, I...
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    GEN 2 Raptor in transit

    Same here, build 11/16, ordered 7/29. From ford service today... Hey! Your truck is now officially in transit, but we do not have an ETA just yet. Check in next week, we'll see if the ETA is there. Sarah I asked to my dealer and... Yup; to your dealer! I believe it is being...
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    Got my VIN and delivery date today!

    Got my build date of Nov. 21 and VIN today. Ordered 7/29 from a small dealer, first on their list. Screw Silver Loaded with Everything except CF, graphics, interior accents, and tailgate app. Paid 500 below MSRP
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    New 3.0 Fox Shock Corrosion protection

    I am another fluid film user. After a lot of research I used it on my 14 with great success.
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    GEN 2 Truck Order Discussion

    Yea I figured as much but should I be pressing for more on a DORA or trust they did all they were suppose to?