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    What is this for

    yup and its a special lube ($42.99/3 oz) from FOMOCO...
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    How many miles per tank are you getting on your Gen3 Raptor?

    Topped mine off today 91 non-ethanol (always). Drive the speed limit (~60) on mostly 2-lanes with fairly conservative driving, but kick it in the a$$ sometimes.. Country/small town rural/vacation area. Just under 1k on the odo. Truck said I got 19.7, but hand-calculated out to 20.1. DTE...
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    AMP running boards not working - SOLUTION FOUND

    I had the dealer install the AMPs on mine so I'm not aware of the technical details. Plugs right in to the OBD plug near the hood release. Mine work far. Good luck..
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    Gas Tank Reserve

    Yep... I carry a box of Kleenex (heavy duty) just for such occasions....:eek:
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    Just placed my order! Question about the Ford ESP.

    FYI: Grainger (in Iowa) claims to be the cheapest now. $50 over cost...
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    Rapid Red Raptor pictures

    Yep, RR is A-OK.....:cheers:
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    G3 availability?

    Better add: - the unexpected to that also....
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    Fewer 2023 Allocations?

    The SM should know what allocations they will currently have or are likely to get....
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    Gen 3 order round two.

    Jeeze.. Here, the sales tax on just the ADM alone would be close to $4,000.
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    How long did your Raptor sit in Production?

    FYI: It was about 6 weeks of waiting (with "no holds") from when it was built until I was able to pick it up. See the dates in my signature below. Good luck...
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    How long did your Raptor sit in Production?

    Sheeesh.. That one must have been driven into a black hole.
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    How long did your Raptor sit in Production?

    Only a couple of days. I must have been one of the luckier ones.:)
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    Are 2022 orders still being scheduled for production?

    Can't depend on that... I never received any emails from Ford....others (on FRF) haven't either. All I did was to email/chat Ford Performance every couple of weeks (with my dealer # and order #) to find out my order's status..