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    GEN 2 Add Tailgate Appliqué

    I seriously doubt an aftermarket tailgate appliqué affects the value much if at all lmao
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    GEN 2 Add Tailgate Appliqué

    I’ve seen people in the past take the oem one and cut all the tabs off and glue it to the tailgate.
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    GooseTuned Gen 3 - Baseline Dyno Runs vs Gen 2 Baseline!

    Yea there is a YouTube video of that and the tuned truck is much faster than the Gen 3.
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    GooseTuned Gen 3 - Baseline Dyno Runs vs Gen 2 Baseline!

    I’m sure those heavy ass tires on the Gen 2 didn’t help.
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    ECLIK 2017-2021 Raptor Fox Live valve controller

    Sdi has a universal eclick. Might want to reach out to them.
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    Reversing a frame cut bumpers

    I wrecked my truck last year and the frame horns were bent. Body shop was going to replace them but instead I went with a frame cut bumper. So my guess is they can def be welded on. I mean you can buy just the frame horns...
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    My gen3 vs trx comparison

    Im surprised there's not more dynos easily available for the new raptor. Ive really only seen whipples, gooses and hennesseys. Which Whipple and Hennessy are much lower than gooses. Hennessy 361/458 Whipple 365/438