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    Aftermarket fenders?

    For you guys who have these - what did you do to attach the fender liners to the fenders? It doesn't look like there's any holes for screws.
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    New hood graphics install Monday

    New one came in the mail Saturday. Removed the old one and installed the new one today. Loving the matching red SVT letters instead of the gray I used to have.
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    Anyone running 37x13.50x17?

    I don't really put a lot of miles on, so I wasn't too worried about that, but I'm sure the STT Pro's will ride a lot better. The STT Pros are a little bit taller as well which is ultimately what I was looking for. Wanted something more aggressive than the BFG T/A KO2 that still rode decent, but...
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    Anyone running 37x13.50x17?

    Geolandar X-MT's ended up only have 3 available, but the Cooper STT Pro's finally came off backorder, so they gave them to me for the price they sold me the Geolandar's. Will still be 37x13.50x17. Discount Tire also let me know the wheels came in, so I'll probably go check those out tomorrow...
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    Another mod

    Ordered one as well. Thanks for the heads up!
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    What do you use to prevent light theft?

    I think he posted the pictures in another thread, can't remember which one.
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    Black speaker covers for non-Sony systems?

    Would anyone be interested in trading their gray non-Sony speaker covers for my OEM black Sony ones from my 2013 Limited?
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    Carbon fiber hood and fender vent covers?

    And bonus shots of the door handle covers:
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    Carbon fiber hood and fender vent covers?

    And after shots with the covers installed:
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    Carbon fiber hood and fender vent covers?

    Got them installed! I pulled the fender and hood vent trims off, sanded and scuffed them, cleaned them up, and painted them with SEM trim black first to refresh them. Cleaned the body off underneath them, reinstalled, and then put the covers on. I was very pleasantly surprised that they fit...
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    Diving In (Interior vinyl wrap)

    I've been trying to find a set of black speaker grilles from a non-Sony system, but it looks like they don't exist. I currently have the door panels from my 2013 Limited that are black with the Sony logo. I may end up having to buy the gray grilles from a non-Sony truck and painting them it...
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    Roof racks - what are the options?

    Got them installed last night. Had to modify the plastic brackets that come with them to fit the basket (they're just universal flat things) but all worked out great. I wanted to mount them on the side to not use up the inside space on the basket, plus they're very accessible this way too. I was...
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    Diving In (Interior vinyl wrap) I figured I'd try them and if they suck I'm not really out anything.
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    Feeler: (5) 37x12.50x17 K02's load range D with 17x9 +12 Vision Ojos in bronze

    New wheels and tires are ordered, so these are officially up for sale!