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    It a lot of stuff to see. You really need two days. Can’t wait for this year, last year they had Hoonigan rippin in a burn yard.
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    Deflation Pressures for Desert Driving (Sand)

    I like 22lbs, if you have bead locks try 18
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    Waterproof, secure tonneau cover - is DB the only option?

    I bought the ford trifold for $350 and it has been really good, even with a foot of snow on it and it stayed 95% dry. Not super secure but I think out of sight out of mind. I’ll buy another when this one finally dies.
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    Rattle when truck is cold

    Just off the phone with my advisor, he said it was my waste gate linkage and that there is service bulletin on it. I’ll advise more when I get it back next Tuesday. Waiting for a airbag light tec…
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    Rattle when truck is cold

    No word from my dealership as of yet.
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    The game is over - Raptor911, SSWIM, Johnkn, EMPAC623

    Dude only made it 8 months before he left lol.
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    Rattle when truck is cold

    Mine literally just started doing this exact same thing. I traced it back to turbo ares. Thinking waste gate linkage maybe… it sounds link it’s inside the turbo on mine. If I rev it up good it seems to go away. Other thought I have is it’s the variable turbo veins going out and once they warm or...
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    TurboSmart EM BOV

    This is ridiculous that these are still out there. I’m so glad I didn’t jump on this. Sorry for everyone who did and has issues.
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    I’m bacccck

    Welcome back! Interested in your review coming out of a Toyota?
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    Mine won’t lock with the keys inside unless I close the door then hit the two bottom buttons on the key pad. I do this when I go hiking and don’t want to loose the keys. I use the key pad regularly and love the easy and usefulness.
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    Any takers?

    We should all spam text him and tell him he is a ******.
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    Screwed by Dealer

    I hope the trucks just sit on the lots for that coin. Even $109,000 is too much for a truck. Sorry but that’s just being greedy. Should be similar in price to a TRX.