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    Stick wtih AMB and exact build you want. Buying CO to wait for your build is too much effort for my me. I waited 8 months for my 22 AMB. While the wait was frustrating , it was definitely worth it at the end. I do think market is softening just a tad, but cars and boats is still crazy depending...
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    Ambient temperature sensor

    @Buster Sorry for late response. No result yet, the dealer said they uploaded case to Ford to see if anything comes back. But this problem still persists. I will be attending Raptor assault class in near future, maybe guys there can help. As noted from post i found somewhere else, it was...
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    Ambient temperature sensor

    Thx, i got a portable thermal imager, i'll take some readings to compare next time.
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    Ambient temperature sensor

    Wondering where this sensor is located or is it a set of sensors. I've had Gen 3 for about 3 months now and find reading is overstated significantly. I'm referring to readout on the center console upper right . This weekend it showed 112 F, while outside temp was about 78. After getting in...
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    Gen3 MSRP and Dealer Markup policy worksheet

    Gang, and newbies, I'm reposting the link and extending the expiration here. Use the information however you wish, and it's editable. Please help by adding or updating info. but don't mess it up. The information i put was from Oct 2021. Password should be obvious to forum here. Look at...
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    I'll send a onedrive link to file and renew existing one. It will come from...

    I'll send a onedrive link to file and renew existing one. It will come from [email protected] email
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    Roll Call Let’s see some Antimatter Blue

    Here's my AMB under different lighting
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    MSRP Guesses?

    The markup will vary highly from market to market. Some markets are $25k-$35k for 37 package. One dealer told me he has buyers willing to pay $150k+ for the R when it comes out. I will try to maximize my Gen3 enjoyment for few years before considering the R.
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    Rear passenger window stuck open

    Update for you all - I got back and took to dealer, seems like they took driver panel off and suspect it is driver master switch. Now I'm waiting for parts. Backordered..... But dealer helped me get rear passenger closed and i got my truck back to drive around, and not sit for who knows when.
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    Rear passenger window stuck open

    Thx, i’ll give that a try when i get home after this great 4th of July weekend.
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    Rear passenger window stuck open

    Here some info add to this saga The video links posted in this thread helped. I took the panel out and as I’m trying to push window back up. I tried to push window up but it wasn’t going anywhere. Checked contacts plugged and replugged. As i sat thinking for few moments, I noticed it clicking up...
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    Rear passenger window stuck open

    I now have this exact problem darn just start of trip this weekend
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    2 orders 2 experiences

    Congrats, yes you got yours quick from build date to delivery . Mine was also ordered around Oct 21, built Feb waiting for chip until June. Glad you finally got your truck and enjoy away.
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    4-Sale…Beautiful Cabin and Gen-1 in Excellent Condition

    Who could pass this up with views likes this.
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    Available 2022 F150 Raptor

    There really won’t be a post of one for msrp because if I ran across one, I’d call my friends first and it would be sold. Inventory might have improved but demand has not gone down…. IMO.