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    19 Leaking moonroof

    I'm having this same issue on my 2018. Happens with heavier rains only. Water on floor mat and I've noticed some water on the passenger side grab handle. Seems like the water runs down the A-pillar to the handle then drips down. Been to the dealer 3 times for this and they've cleared the...
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    Experience with Tasca parts website

    The BBB complaint has helped resolve this matter in 2 days. I still don't know why their customer service doesn't reply to any of the methods they have set up for customers to contact them.
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    Experience with Tasca parts website

    I placed an order with Tasca over a month ago and only received one of the two parts (same part) that I ordered. Contacted them via email and "live chat" (which just sends them an email, no live chat) several times (5) over the past month and I have heard nothing back from them at all. Time to...
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    Gen 2 Owners: Are you going to Gen 3, Gen 3-R or staying with your Gen 2??

    I'm keeping my Gen 2 at this point. I want to see how the Gen 3 evolves in subsequent model years. Of course at some point the teasers for the Gen 4 will start too.....
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    GEN 2 Rust/Chip on bumper

    It was fully covered under warranty. They had to get approval from Ford first but the answer that Ford gave them was "Do what you have to do to get it fixed." The body shop the dealership used added PPF to the area too and it all looks great.
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    GEN 2 Rust/Chip on bumper

    I had this happen to my truck too. Brought it to the dealership and they had to get approval from Ford to repair it under warranty. That took a week, then the body shop work took another week. They did a great job fixing it and even added some PPF to keep this from happening again...
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    FSA 21B10 - Cam phaser update?

    I got this notification too via FordPass. I haven’t had any issues but will talk with the dealership about this the next time I’m there for a service. Curious too see how this “update” affects the trucks.
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    How much taller than a Gen 2?

    Looks like they have made some changes to the suspension that effect the overall height too. Gen 2's are 78.5" tall. Gen 3's are 79.8" (35's) and 80.7" (37's) tall depending upon tire size. Some folks may need another step if they get the 37's! LOL
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    GEN 2 We'll, that didn't last long...

    Sorry to hear about your bad day. You don't need anything going wrong when trying to move - moving is difficult enough. Hope it gets better and the rest of the move goes smoothly!
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    Sync 3.4 Update

    Thanks for the info. I just did this a few minutes ago and the site noted that my SYNC3 (v3.0) was up to date. Truck shows v3.3.
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    Sync 3.4 Update

    Is this available for all model years for the Gen 2?
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    Look what got built on August 3......and it's not a Prius!

    ~5000 posts and THEN he gets a Raptor..... WTF? JK ... best of luck with the new ride!

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