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    Do you have any pictures on the truck? Curious how the offset looks? Stock or does it stick out farther? I don’t remember what the stock offset is. Sorry to ask.
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    Raptor Assault - S-U-C-K-E-D

    Good info. Thanks guys. I have never had an inside the cab light bar. I liked how stealth it was, but if it doesn’t help at night then what is the point. Stick with my triple fogs for now.
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    Raptor Assault - S-U-C-K-E-D

    I was there about a month ago. It was a blast. My guess is that your “assumption” of how it may or may not have happened would be spot on. They even warned us about that in the morning instruction. Straighten the wheel and drive straight. Don’t go off the course sideways. On another note I...
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    GEN 2 Any of you thought about trading the Raptor for the Bronco

    We stopped by to look at one the other day. Possible new car for the wife, and we noticed the same thing. They are bigger than we thought. It sits up as high as our Raptor, and we couldn’t believe how big they really are.
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    Vinyl Wrap Brand/Color Match Factory Gunmetal Grey Metallic Trim Color?

    I may be misunderstanding the intention here, but there may be another route if you are just trying to cover up some bumper damage. I had a relative back into my truck and when I looked on EBay there were new bumpers for the corners of the truck for less than $100. I think the pair was around...
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    Alpharex Pro tail lights!

    Can somebody delete this post please? I need to unsee how awesome those look.
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    Carbon fiber parts from Covid boredom

    Matte on the truck. Looks great with the lead foot stealth combo. I love it. 1B71AD8D-5EEF-4AD5-AD36-576CBC1F631E by Barnesy posted Oct 26, 2020 at 10:13 PM2033FF69-5EE9-4C13-BE64-CBA65A5084A4 by Barnesy posted Oct 26, 2020 at 10:13 PMF238D33C-5D2B-43A1-8F6A-AF85DF44100A by Barnesy posted Oct...
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    Forged Carbon Hood & SIde Vents Raffle

    Those are sick man. Very cool!
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    Forged Carbon Hood & SIde Vents Raffle

    Try this one.
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    Raptor Owners stick together

    I love my truck and I like to check out the other raptors out there to see what kind of cool shit every one else does to theirs. It may be the small town in me but I wave to all the other raptors I see too. Almost a mutual respect thing for me.
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    Carbon fiber parts from Covid boredom

    How many of these are you making? I would love a full matte set also but it seems like you have more than 10 additional requests. This stuff looks awesome by the way.
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    What are these tabs for???

    Anybody here ever have to use the safety hammer? I have seen those but never thought I would need it. Just curious.
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    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    Awesome. That doesn’t sound bad at all. Thanks guys!
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    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    How do you guys measure the amount of e85 you are putting in to get the e50 blend? Specifically if you don’t fill up with a completely empty tank. If I know I am going on a trip tomorrow and I am at say 1/3 of a tank then how do I ensure I get the blend right? I read through this whole thread...
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    free subwoofers and pedal commander

    322 here. Thanks for the opportunity!