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    Morimoto XB Tail Lights Coming Soon!

    I’m waiting for the sticker shock…
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    GEN 1 Colour coded flares

    That actually looks great! The front bumper pads look new to. I like the black bumper/skid plate too. Thanks for pushing me into paint mods…
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    Little Wild Horse Slot...MOAB

    Awesome pics John!
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    did anyone see us?

    I can’t believe you towed the trailer with the Raptor all the way from CO! I guess that’s how far you have to go to find freedom these days. Nice show, thanks for sharing!
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    Broken coil on Fox suspension

    I bought a 2011 with 70k miles at the end of 2018 and it still is much cleaner underneath than that 2014. I would assume it’s because of the environment it was driven in. I installed rebuilt shocks all around and the coils looked clean and in good condition. I wouldn’t worry about swapping the...
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    Remote start not working

    So my 2011 with remote start has worked great…until my battery started to die. I would try to remote start and it didn’t work. I replaced the battery and it’s worked like a champ ever since. BTW, my key sequence is lock, start, start. If I press the start button too quickly, it won’t always work.
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    2013 SVT Raptor shifting

    Sounds like you may have caught a break! Let us know if that solves your problem when you get it back.
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    gen 2 wheels on gen 1

    Yes, they fit and work fine.
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    Low mileage

    The Gen 1 engine may be heavier but the cam phasers never fail!
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    2018 or 2019?

    I looked at a 2018 and had a pre-purchase inspection done at a Ford dealership. They discovered several expensive issues, cam phasers, moon roof tracks, oil pan leak. Even with Ford paying for a large portion of the cam phaser update, they said it would cost between $3k and $4k to fix the...
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    Stolen Raptors - What Happens if It's Yours?

    Or…would they take the recovered stolen truck to the body shop, make needed repairs and ship it with a quality control message stating they discovered and repaired a “minor issue”? I’m following
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    Looking for a dealer to order 1 or 2 2023 Raptor w/ 37pkg little to no ADM?

    Don’t go to Huntersville Ford in Huntersville NC unless you want to pay a $15k mark-up or more! I was in the area and saw they were advertising one for $79k. They confirmed it was in stock. When I tried to confirm the price, I didn’t hear back. I showed up and the price changed to $98k! Another...
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    Cleaning Skid Plate

    I bought an under carriage attachment for my pressure washer that has three spray nozzles on wheels. Low enough to fit under a normal car as well as a truck. Disclaimer, I haven’t ever used it but it looks awesome!
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    The Gunsmoke Movie Set - God’s Country

    Nice photos John. Hopefully you get the chance to walk the set and get a closer look at what’s left of it.
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    GEN 1 Off-Roading Mountain Time

    My pictures can’t compete with yours! I can say the temperatures here are more enjoyable this time of year than your neck of the desert