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  • Can you provide me pricing on the new VisionX 4.5" 40-Watt XP LED Light Cannon Kit. Thanks
    looking for a price on the VisionX Tantrum LED Rock Light Kit and a price on the Vision X Pro Pod Kit. i will be using these as rock lights. for night running at Havoc
    Also would like to know what kit produces the most light?
    Looking for pricing on a 40 inch light bar that has the same measurements as the Rigid. It cant be any wider than 41.5 to the mounting tabs as my Wicked bumper has welded tabs already for that size. Thanks.
    What is the price for the ones that go to base of the windshield with the bracket? Thanks.
    Not sure exactly what I want but i like the window lights either 50 or 54 curved. What do prices look like for those on sale?
    What kind of deal can you give me for the D2 driving pattern spots, 1 set amber, 1 set white combined with the 20" E series combo hyperspot driving?
    Hi... What's the price on the 4.5" Vision X light cannons ? And do they come with Black covers included. ? Thanks!!
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