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Raptor girl

Tuxedo black fender flares

Tuxedo black fender flares
Raptor girl, Sep 14, 2011
    • Stepside
      So, :birgits_tiredcoffee do you have to pull your mirrors in to get in the garage??
      Looks like a tight squeeze.
      My Raptor is on order, but measuring my garage door opening,
      I will have only a couple inches clearence.
      Black is difficult to keep clean, but yours looks great. :waytogo:
    • Raptor girl
      There is only a few inches, but I don't have to put my mirrors in.
      Black is hard to keep clean, but it is so worth it.
      Hopefully you get your truck soon, the wait is horrible. I ordered mine Jan. 17th and got it June 3rd. I hear they are coming faster later in the year.
      I never even drove one until I got mine. I couldn't be happier. I love my truck. Good luck.
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