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    Hi Jason,

    I'm going to order a black CVF Titan intercooler. Do you offer a discount for forum members? Thank you in advance!
  2. Mikee Martin
    Mikee Martin
    1 month down. December 23 2020. Sucks Ass
  3. Kirk Heppler
    Kirk Heppler
    Looking to get some 3.0 shocks for my gen 2. Kings, fox, icons, sway-a-way? Anyone have any recommendations??
  5. Sergio212
    Sergio212 Ovrblt
    Ovrblt, I was just reading your post about tapping the cup holder lights for the shifter console to light up. I have both parts (the light and the wiring harness) and I was wondering which wires you tapped? The light bulb (FL3Z-13466-B) has a pigtail that plugs into the wiring harness (8U2Z-14S411-LA), but the harness has three green wires coming out of it and I got no clue which ones connect to the cup holders. Thx
  6. BURR
    BURR Breeding44
    I may be interested in the wheels, please send price and pics. You can text me at 304-481-3652, Dale
  7. JDZ
    JDZ [email protected]
    ADD pro bolt on front bumper price to 92065? Opinion on outrageous priced ADD ACC bracket vs Baja Mods $99 version. Not planning on adding light rack above bumper so location of bracket not an issue. Thanks.
  8. hsc spare parts
  9. hsc spare parts
  10. Dustin Y
    Dustin Y [email protected]
    Hey man -- I was hoping I could get your opinion. I am looking at getting some Ridge Grappler 325/60/20s with Fuel Zephyr wheels in either a +1 or +20. I am not looking for a ton of spoke but want to be flush a tad outside the fener. Do you have an opinion on this? I like these 325's since they are a large 35.. 35.4 vs the 35/12.5/20s that are closer to a 34.7. Thanks! -Dustin
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    2. Nick@Apollo-Optics
      [email protected]
      Dustin, just sent you a PM!
      Jan 12, 2021