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  1. j3ff
    j3ff Adam Etheridge
    i might be interested in it, adam.

    i presume you were running the stock tailpipes and this is the X-type atak kit? can you tell me the model number of the exhaust? do you have a super crew? want to make sure it is a fit...
  2. tofuwreck
    tofuwreck Lifted&slifted
    you got any extra parts laying around for gen 1? shocks?
  3. robbinsraptor
    robbinsraptor 18LeadfootNNJ
    How is your xpel stealth matte holding up? Any issues? Anything you would have done differently? Did you add a ceramic on top of the PPF? Sorry for all the questions.
  4. Michelleandrews
    Who wants to have fun this weekend, IM me.
  5. Chris in DSM
    Chris in DSM
    My first truck and I’m loving it. I knew I had to have one when I saw it and now I do! First On Race Day
  6. sher-bant
    sher-bant Sitdown
    I can pick it up.
  7. Jorn Knupper
    Jorn Knupper
    Thanks to you all for the hospitality...........
  8. Chas
    Chas Megabass
    I have one off my spare with one scratch $225 plus shipping or $235 ftf within 100 miles of 77904. Need an email or phone number if you want pics
  9. escott
    2005 S2000 - original owner 15K miles 2014 CLA 45 - chipped and intake - trade bait for Raptor
  10. 8WOOD
    8WOOD dchay
    looks like a YETI
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    2. dchay
      Nov 4, 2018
    3. 8WOOD
      Nice. I ride one too!
      Nov 4, 2018
    4. dchay
      Sweet dude! My buddy just got a sb130... that thing is freaking sweet too
      Nov 4, 2018