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  1. Joe Knox
    Joe Knox
    I had my local tuner guy highly recommended JLT CAI and I like the looks of it, does anyone else run one of these
  2. lixalottapus
    To summarize my current progress in case anyone cares. 2013 SCREW. BBK COLD AIR INTAKE WITH BIGGER THROTTLE BODY, CORSA EXTREME CAT BACK....
    1. lixalottapus
      MID PERCH MOD. 5 STAR TUNING PERFORMACE TUNE. PEDAL COMMANDER. it peels tires loose on first stomp and again when shifting to second...
      May 19, 2019 at 3:52 AM
  3. Jcv838
    Jcv838 smarsha11
    were the shocks off a supercrew? Would you be willing to ship to Brownsville, TX?
  4. Ed Maynard
    Ed Maynard
    2019 Raptor. Great moments in life!
  5. sdelson
    Looking to sell my 2017 screw 802a in Ohio white 38,000 perfect condition
  6. Dadio 1966
    Dadio 1966
    Picked up a 2019 Last Night!!
  7. decorbiz
  8. Whitt
    Whitt TaylorF-150
    Hey, I'm interested in the Fox Air Bumps if they're still available.
    1. TaylorF-150
      Ahhh crap, I actually sold em within a couple hours of listing them. I'll go mark them sold!
      May 16, 2019 at 9:19 AM
  9. Rednose
    Rednose Raptizzle
    Hi Raptizzle

    Below is one of your statement on the gen 2 driving mode

    There were times where I would stand on the throttle for a good 3 seconds before any power distribution made its way to the wheels.
    And my question to you is
    Coming from a Prerunner and UTV background and driving I really could not understand why do I loose power in some areas being in Baja mode and how did you get around it.
  10. RadRaptor
    Love the forum, traded up from a TRD Pro, so far love the Raptor. Putting deadlock wheels, Baja Designs lights front & rear, ReTrax tonneu