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  1. UPDATE on KHC Raptor Day
  2. KHC Raptor Day Open House
  3. Our New Contour Chase Rack
  4. First Production of the KHC Low Profile Chase Rack
  5. Raptor Special on Velocity TV
  6. KHC Gen 2 Raptor Modular Tire Carrier
  7. Now Carrying FOX 3.0 Front Coil Overs/Rear Shocks
  8. New KHC Gen 2 Raptor Modular Tire Carrier
  9. New V-Mod Front Bumper Release from KHC
  10. Borla S Type Install + For Sale
  11. !!KHC May Exhaust Sale!! (afe & borla)
  12. KHC Gen 2 Raptor Overhaul
  13. Jack Handle Holder
  14. Thru frame and bed exhaust!!
  15. Perch Mod For Forum Members $300
  16. Im Back!!!
  17. Undercover Production Tire Carrier
  18. Fellow Member (Warsurfer) Needs Our Help!!!!
  19. New V1 Front bumper ready to order!!!!
  20. KHC Race Rear Bumper!!!!!
  21. 2 ton harbor freight jack mount and skid
  22. SVC site is up and running!!!
  23. New In Bed Tire Carrier
  24. Lower Control Arm Bracing Kit
  25. Thanks for everything
  26. KHC spring raptor open house
  27. Rear Driveshaft Upgrade
  28. KHC Raptor update
  29. Hugh's Scab Build
  30. KHC now a dealer for Glassworks Unlimited
  31. Lower control arm mount bracing
  32. Big thanks to Dave @ KHC
  33. Rod End Boots- extend rod end life
  34. Spare Tire/Eqipment Bed Cage
  35. Rear Cantilever for spring over
  36. KHC Raptor Running the Baja Course at Rausch Creek
  37. G2 Axle and Gear Diff Cover
  38. Raceline Bumper- KHC Raptor Update
  39. KHC Wounded Warrior Project Done for Now
  40. kHC Raptor Open House Day June 22
  41. KHC Raptor Update
  42. Ray's scab
  43. Lower control arm mount bracing
  44. Khc raptor gets Raptor Retrofit 2013 conversion
  45. KHC made top 20, congrats
  46. KHC Screw Rock Guards ready for sale
  47. Raush Creek Baja Coarse
  48. KHC now a dealer for Icon Vehicle Dynamics
  49. KHC Wounded Warrior Project
  50. Icon 3.0s and Fox 3.0s!!!
  51. New addition to the family!!!!!
  52. RPG prerunner front bumper
  53. Vinyl hood wrap?
  54. Khc is having krazy deals on rpg products/package deals *discount*!!
  55. Thank You KHC!!
  56. KHC Rock Sliders!!!
  57. Krazy House Customs open house Sept 18 2012
  58. Painting and Powder Coating
  59. Raptor Open House Day at KHC!!!
  60. Dredded Front Suspension Clunk
  61. Headers at KHC!!!
  62. Perch Mod $250 including alignment
  63. RPG Products
  64. Happy to Finally be here
  65. Please Welcome Krazy House Customs to FRF