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ICON Vehicle Dynamics

2017-UP Ford F150 Raptor - Rear Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit

This is a discussion on 2017-UP Ford F150 Raptor - Rear Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit within the ICON Vehicle Dynamics forums, part of the Ford Raptor Forum Supporting Vendors category!

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Default 2017-UP Ford F150 Raptor - Rear Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is proud to announce the release of the Hydraulic Rear Bump Stop Kit for the 2017-UP Ford F150 Raptor. After hundreds of hours of R&D and thousands of miles of real world on and off-road testing, ICON engineers have developed products that provide a true performance upgrade over the factory components found on the new and improved Raptor. The “Gen 2” Raptor is faster, lighter, and smarter than its older brother - suspension mounting locations have changed, a significant amount of weight was trimmed off of the truck, and new technology has been introduced both on the side of safety and performance. While lessons learned in the development of “Gen 1” Raptor product were kept near, ICON’s engineering team approached the task of developing this bump stop kit for the 2017-UP Ford Raptor as if it was an entirely new vehicle.

The function of the bump stop is to control and limit the final position of the suspension during up-travel. The factory bump stops have a limited energy absorption capacity and an uncontrolled release of this energy upon rebound – translating into a harsh ride and poor handling during more aggressive driving in rough terrain. ICON’s Gen 2 Raptor Hydraulic Rear Bump Stop Kit absorbs and releases this energy in a much more controlled manner which reduces rear end ‘kick’ to provide confidence inspiring performance.

The ICON Raptor Bump Stop Kit includes heavy duty steel clamshell brackets, a billet aluminum frame crossmember, adjustable tension rods, hydraulic bump stops, and all of the necessary hardware required to complete the installation. The clamshell brackets, crossmember, and tension rods add strength to the frame to prevent damage during extreme off-road use while increasing chassis rigidity for predictable handling and improved vehicle dynamics. The 2.5” travel hydraulic bump stops feature velocity sensitive technology which means that as the shaft speed increases the damping ability ramps up, resulting in exponential bottoming resistance that won’t negatively affect articulation. Combining all of these components into an easy to install, bolt-on package, ICON has developed the most comprehensive rear bump stop solution on the market for Raptor owners seeking the next level of strength and performance.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics products are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in Riverside, California by a team of passionate off-road enthusiasts. With a reputation for quality, performance, and service it's clear that ICON Vehicle Dynamics is the top choice for performance suspension systems and shock absorbers for the 2017-UP Ford F150 Raptor.

• Bolt-on installation does not require any fabrication or removal of the bed
• 2.5” travel hydraulic bump stop reduces rear end ‘kick’ and improves overall vehicle performance
• Velocity sensitive technology exponentially increases bottom-out resistance
• Vehicle specific bump stop tune provides smooth engagement and excellent ride quality
• 6061 billet aluminum crossmember increases chassis rigidity to improve overall vehicle dynamics
• Steel clamshell brackets strengthen the frame in critical areas to prevent damage from extreme off-road use
• Adjustable tension rods allow the frame to be preloaded to withstand torsional force during hard impacts
• Heavy duty 1.25” CNC machined nitro steel shafts
• Multi-stage CAD plated body for maximum corrosion resistance
• Replaceable noise-reducing striker pad
• Fully serviceable
• “ICON 1K” tested under rigorous off-road conditions to validate tune, performance, strength, and durability

• Compatible with factory shocks
• Does not require modification of factory exhaust system
• Removal of the bed is not required for installation
• Factory nitrogen charge - 150 PSI (Tunable range 50-250 PSI)

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