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Ford Raptor Build-Up Forum

Money2536's 2013 Raptor Journal

This is a discussion on Money2536's 2013 Raptor Journal within the Ford Raptor Build-Up Forum forums, part of the Ford Raptor Forums - Members Gallery category!
To give you a little background, my name is Matt, and I started journaling the ownership experience of my Porsche ...

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Default Money2536's 2013 Raptor Journal

To give you a little background, my name is Matt, and I started journaling the ownership experience of my Porsche 911 GT3 and BMW M3 a few years ago as a way to get out of my own head. That led to a YouTube Channel, then a blog, and now a website. I've discovered that I'm not the only crazy one in this world and have accidentally built a community of other obsessed people in the process.

If you'd like to get involved in Obsessed Garage, join the Facebook Group:


What I intend to do in this thread is to chronicle what I do with my Raptor. Although I consider myself very well versed in the 991 and M3 communities, I've never owned a truck before, so the opportunity to learn from another group is super exciting to me. I hope you'll take it easy on me when I post a video of accidentally driving around town in 4 wheel low.

Onto the truck...

I'm guessing a few of you have unwritten contracts with your significant others when it comes to getting that next unnecessary vehicle. Well...after selling my first 911 to get a GT3, I had a written one (in blood) that simply stated "NO NEW CARS FOR FIVE YEARS." Two years have expired, but I somehow found a loophole to get the Raptor.

Basically, what happened is this. I bought my wife a Tahoe, so that we could tow my GT3 to the mountains twice a year for an event that I attend. This past April, the family came with me. They saw me when we entered the hotel and didn't see me again until we left four days later. Needless to say, this will no longer be a family trip. What had become clear was that I was going to have to give my wife the key to my M3 when I took the Tahoe to the mountains. This is no good for my stress levels.

So...my best friend has a '13 Raptor with 30,000 miles on it with all the right modifications for me. I told him about a year ago to call me first if he was going to sell it. Earlier this summer he said he was ready to sell it and asked me if I wanted it. It was really bad timing, as I just moved and am building a massive garage, so I asked him to give me some time. I dodged him for a few months until he made the call a few weeks ago telling me he was listing it. If I wanted it, I needed to decide. The good news is that I now own the truck.

I made a video explaining what happened and how I ended up breaching my contract.

Now I know the Raptor is not the best tow rig, but it certainly looks cool doing it. That, and I'm only towing about 5,000 lbs with the car in my Trailex aluminum enclosed trailer.

Below are the modifications that he has done. I'm not sure what else, I'll do, but if you check out the journals for my cars, I doubt it will stay this way for long. Here is what it has:

Method NV Wheels are 18X9ET18
Nitto Terra Grappler All Terrain Tires are 325/65R18



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Welcome to the club. They're fun and just like you M and your GT3 you'll find tons of ways to dump money in the Raptor. Make sure you post along the way
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Awesome truck and pics! I remember reading your garage build thread on garagejournal. Very motivating!

From your video: you can take the Raptor badge off without any holes exposed, but I think there are holes behind the F-150 badge.

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Nice photos, it'll be cool to see what you end up doing to it.
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Nice looking truck. Nice vids also. Love your shirt design can u send one my way��.
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Welcome to FRF. You don't necessarily need to put it into 4WD when going off-road, just depends on the terrain. I only go into 4WD when needed. I was in 2WD most of Baja and only had to put it in 4-LO when stuck in sand. A little hint when going through trails that is tight with brush, fold your mirrors in so you don't hit the branches so much. Nice that you weren't afraid to scratch it up some.

You talked about towing with the RPG bump kits, you might want to look into the longer bump pads for towing. They are easy to switch out when needed. And if you really want to smooth out the ride if you get more serious/involved with off-roading, go 3.0's shocks from RPG in the front and rear.

Enjoy the truck, looks like you were having fun. And to me you didn't break any contract as it said "cars". This is a "truck" so there is your out. lol

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Congrats. It looks great. Looking forward to what you'll do to it.
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Great photos!

Looking forward to seeing more videos with the Raptor.


use the code RAPTOR for 10% off your next order
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Check this out:
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Welcome man! Your screwed now lol. This forum is awesome and I've met great friends through these trucks. Keep an eye out for events, and if your ever up north come check out the NorthEast section.
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Not too shabby.

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