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Prospective Raptor Owners

Military Raptor Owners

This is a discussion on Military Raptor Owners within the Prospective Raptor Owners forums, part of the Ford Raptor Forums - General Information category!

View Poll Results: Should I go ahead and buy a $55K+ Ford Raptor?
Yes; the aforementioned reasons were enough to convice me you'll be fine 5 22.73%
No; the aforementioned reasons were not strong enough to convince me otherwise 4 18.18%
YOLO; Go ahead and buy it, you're already doing good so why not self-indulge? 4 18.18%
Read the thread you made, it'll help you make the decision for yourself. 9 40.91%
Voters: 22. You may not vote on this poll

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Banana Military Raptor Owners

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Not a military member, but Q1- Sometimes I use quarters to buy food. I ride my bike because my car payment is $640/mo and I put another $15k or so into upgrades. Raptors are nice but shit they cost a lot. Dont regret it though (well not all the time)
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I'd say try to keep it at your parents' house if possible, I recommend avoiding modifications for the first few years, you should experience your raptor pure, how it comes from the factory, and then start modifying it, and maintenance wise I haven't had any problems except the power steering problem which was covered under warranty

I drive my truck hard every day, on and off pavement, as long as you don't overdrive the truck and hit something, I don't think you would have too many problems with it
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Well, that was a long read. As an Active Duty USN enlistee going on 12 years and being that I just got off a mid-watch - You're about to be an Officer and you said YOLO?

Allow me a minute to gather that.

Ok, now that that's done, if you have over $32K of "capable personal financial pool to tap" and your parents have 3/4 of a MILLION in the bank (which is a mistake if they're leaving it in the bank, trust me) -- why in the HELL are you coming on here and asking us what you should do?

However humble that is, this is what I come to as a conclusion:

They're meeting you $1:$1. A new fully loaded Raptor tops out around $57,000. You have a tangible $32K. Combined, that's $64K. You're $5K over. My own recommendation would be to take $16K of yours, $16K of theirs and drop over half down on a new Raptor and then finance the rest and set up some auto payments through USAA and get that credit going.

But, assuming you have incredible credit coming from a wealthy family, do what you want. Aside, YOLO!

Do you want the damn truck? Get it. Are you unsure? Don't get it. What's the maintenance costs? Normal. Does it break more/less than a "normal" vehicle? It's guts are nothing but an F150 and they're the best trucks on the road.

Your questions are a bit outlandish, but we're all biased here.

As I said, I'm AD USN E6/CTN1, been in for 11 years, up for Chief and dropped $17K on my third Raptor. I think that you can make a great decision based on what you wrote above yourself; that's my vote.

\\EDIT\\ You have no intentions of getting married in the next ten years? I don't know man, sometimes them women come outta nowhere and slap you in the face with your own right hand and it just happens. Hell, you might even meet one that has her own Raptor and Dyson vacuum cleaner! It could be the most incredible thing and I don't think that you should even consider a truck making a difference in that.

Thinking about this more, I absolutely applaud you on thinking out this purchase so intricately, something many people (Military or not) do not to when it comes to making decisions. But I don't think that it's THIS big of a decision. That's me. I've made the decision three times already and loved every one of them. But I bought a house when I was just over 28, too...so what do I know? I've been better off than I am now, but I've been worse off too, so I could be talking out my ass, too.

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Just go buy the dam truck

Less typin more drivin'
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Or you could be like every other Lieutenant I knew and get a honda civic... As far as deployments go there are several options you could do. 1) Put it in the garage disconnect the battery and put fuel stabilizer in it. 2) Dont have a garage? Get a storage unit and put it in there. 3) Drive the truck to the parents house and let them take care of it especially since they did buy half of it...

I did option 3 on first deployment to Iraq and being as I was in Kentucky and parents were in California it kinda sucked having to drive that far. My other deployments I ended up putting the truck in my garage with no problems.

Best of luck cadet enjoy the truck!
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I couldn't finish reading that. Just buy the damn truck.
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AD USAF E-6 9 years.

I live in Germany getting reay to go out on my 6th deployment. My best friend will be watching my truck, my dog, and my house. Yeah I kind of trust him.

Are you prepared for $1300 a month going into your ride? Mine is my daily driver and 35 gallons of premium gets costly 3 times a month.

And as a side note, you saying YOLO is one more reason why I despise officers. Respect the rank, not the man. You clearly have a lot of growing up to do.

Good luck with your decision.

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YOLO just get the damn truck; you'll be alright.

Typical Officer over-analyzing every friggin thing!
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