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The Car Stereo Company 05-25-2014 09:34 PM

possibly heading to havoc
i need you all to pay for my trip to havoc. 100% of all proceeds will go to the starving installer fund which will go directly to me and my trip north. for just pennies a day (how many days will depend on what you order) you can have the infamous busa lay his hands on your truck and bless it with the auora of the 12 volt gods. for just 2 easy payments you can have the ultimate setup in your truck. but wait! theres more. order your system and receive a second blessing from the 12 volt gods absolutely free! but wait! theres even more! order in the next 20 minutes, and receive a special busa blessing completely free. so dont wait, call now and help a starving installer. your truck wouldnt let you down, so why would you deprive it of what it deserves? please, dont let another minute pass. your truck needs some attention.

ok. so, i am heading to texas for trr, but the following weekend is havoc. i am looking to see if anyone is interested in having me come out that way for some work. if there is enough interest, i may just make the drive north. it can be an audio system, hood lights, bed lights, alarm system, led lights, nav-tv, whatever...... let me know what you are looking for and i will see if i can make it work.

Biggest 05-26-2014 12:42 AM

Noah, I'd like to plan nav tv and sound system for HAVOC

All The Way 05-26-2014 01:42 AM

The Car Stereo Company 05-26-2014 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by Biggest (Post 697539)
Noah, I'd like to plan nav tv and sound system for HAVOC

let me know what you have in mind and we may be able to plan it out


Originally Posted by All The Way (Post 697554)

yep. it was a cross between that, and an infomercial

NickPic83 05-26-2014 07:21 AM

Do u also install sham wow headliners?

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OrangeAddict 05-26-2014 07:34 AM

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward achieving it.

Labraptor 05-26-2014 04:43 PM

Will see how much mod money is available once suspension mods are done. Then I will do my best to support your trip.

The Car Stereo Company 05-26-2014 04:46 PM

let me know. i will get you set up.

FastEddie 05-26-2014 05:38 PM

Well I got the NavTV on your latest group buy. If I can swing it down there, maybe you could install that and do some other work?

The Car Stereo Company 05-26-2014 06:08 PM

sure. i can start getting a list organized to see if there is enough work for me to come out.

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