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Then there is last year's event. One that touched the hearts of so many here on FRF and elsewhere. The story of little Avery Mosher is one that will warm the hearts of the most hardened of hearts. Avery has a rare form of epilepsy that causes internal seizures that can sometimes go undetected. Because of this disease, the quality of life for she and her family were greatly diminished and limited because of constant fear of seizures that might strike when they least expect them and when they may not be prepared for them or when everyone might be asleep at night. With the help of those involved, including many many members here on FRF and many sponsoring vendors here, not only did everyone step up to ensure that her family met the minimum required $12,500 to get the service dog she needed, they went much further and raised enough to cover the entire cost of the service dog! A WHOPPING $25,000!!! Avery and her family have now been living a much more stress free life since receiving their dog "Josie" and in what was done, the Ford Raptor Forum community once again proved just how amazingly generous they are!

Check out more about Avery's story and the event from last year below.

November Pay It Forward Event!
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