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Default big changes at the car stereo company
i will no longer be the owner of the car stereo company at the end of the month. my sales guy kyle and an installer friend of ours have decided to purchase the shop from me. they will be taking over june 1.

a little back story. the owner of this property was notified from our neighbor about wanting to purchase the lot about 6 months ago. during this time the inquiry got more serious. the owner let me know what was going on. our neighbor has a successful daycare/preschool and will be expanding his business once we are out. our lease expires at the end of october at which point we will not be given the option to renew a lease. my wife has been interested in moving to colorado for some time now, so once i got confirmation that this sale was going through, i started looking in colorado. that was the main reason i went to colorado after trr, was to check out opportunities out there. i dont want to deal with the relocation process of the business, nor take the financial hit that it would serve, if i were to relocate. the downtime of the shop, the extra expenses i would incur, and the process of getting our local clientele familiar with our new location. as of now, the property has been sold and confirmation of our lease renewal (or lack of) has been confirmed.

since kyle and his new partner can absorb the cost together, they have decided they want to purchase the shop from me and will move the business as they see fit. so come june 1 i will no longer be here at the shop. however, since they are going to make payments to me over the course of the next 2 years, we have agreed that i will retain the rights to frf and any business that is associated, until paid in full. this means i will still be a vendor here still provide you with products and support when needed. i just will no longer be the storefront. for most of you, the only change you will see, is that i am no longer reachable on our business phone line. most of you use the pm or my cell number anyways. for all the locals here, its sad to part ways. i have made many friendships with local frf members and have had the pleasure of being on many outings with you. although i may be gone, the friendships i have created will not. now looking to the future in colorado, it makes the wife happy and the kids happy, so as long as find a good paying job, im all set. i dont have any intention of opening a car audio shop out there at this time, but being in colorado, im more centrally located to everyone who always complained about me being on the west coast......

just remember, i will still be able to provide you with everything you need. i will not be going anywhere away from frf. this is my second home (besides my couch here at the shop). and with the deal that kyle and i worked out, nothing will change if you are looking for automotive electronics. i will still be here to answer questions and am always available for an install. i appreciate all your feedback and support so far.


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