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Originally Posted by Baja Designs View Post
For the Amber Lens we have Driving/Combo, Spot, and Flood
With this new Amber Cover, it allows you to run any beam pattern
(Driving/Combo, Spot, Flood, Wide Cornering) All you need to do is pop the cover off for White Lighting.
What is this amber cover you speak of? I can't find any info on it. Will it be available in the XL size?

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Here are my lights btw. Baja Designs Squadron Pro XL. As far as I know, I'm the only person with a Raptor who has installed these particular lights in this spot. Mainly because they don't fit right there. I had to cut the bumper a little bit and build my own bracket to make them fit. But I'm very happy with the lights. They put out a great deal of light for only two fairly compact lights.

Here's a video with my lights:

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