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Originally Posted by Jens69 View Post
The time has finally come for my husband to get his Raptor and of course he has a very specific set of "must haves". 2013/14, under 15,000 miles, black with the blue interior accents, tailgate step, beadlock wheels, etc. etc. He held off on a truck so I could get my '69 Camaro restored so he gets whatever he wants.

We found a 2013 with 6,600 miles for just under $55,000 that has everything including 3 of the 4 options on the want but not mandatory list.

The only downside is it is in North Dakota, about 1,300 miles away and going there to see it isn't a possibility for 2 weeks. I doubt they would hold it that long. So we are seriously considering buying it sight unseen and having it shipped to us. The pictures on the internet are pretty good and it looks very clean. Dealer said they would take whatever additional pictures we wanted.

Also get some close ups of the front shocks to see if it's set to Mid-Perch. That is also a good indication of what the owner may have done with it....

Anything Raptor specific we should be looking for? General thoughts on the deal and state of our mental health are welcome as well.
Aside from a clean Carfax, I would ask the dealership to take a crap load of undercarriage shots. Unless they put it on a lift and power washed it, that will at least let you know how hard/much it's been offroaded.

Also, get some close up pics of the front shocks, that will let you know if its been set to mid-perch which is a good indication of what the original owner may have done with it. Mid-perch = higher probability it was offroaded. Stock perch = higher probability it was a street queen.

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