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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post
I expect that performance gives the best power, economy the best fuel mileage...
Originally Posted by Fred View Post
I would disagree with the 93 performance and 'best' fuel economy....I run the 93 performance and here you go:
I meant; "performance"=gives the best power, "economy"=the best fuel mileage

I loaded the 87 Performance tune last night and went for a spirited test drive. Feels a lot stronger down low...and no more lag with shifts...even my fuel mileage went up, and I drove it much more aggressive this time, with several stop light take offs and rolling WOT highway downshifts. With the 87 tune and a heavy foot, I achieved better gas mileage than I had gotten when driving it moderately easy on the factory tune.

I'm VERY please with the 87 Performance tune...and I'm looking forward to being able to fill up with a tank of 93, and then load the 93 Performance tune to see/feel those results.

13 Raptor

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