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Originally Posted by Nitefighter View Post
Very nice! I like how you molded it around the mat so no cutting is needed.
i took a piece of wood that was slightly thicker than the oem floormat and cut it the same shape. after i got it protected with pva, i went ahead and laid the glass. the whole purpose of my design of these boxes is to fit right in without modification to your vehicle. as you can see, it will be a little harder to remove your floormat, but at least its whole, and th bottom of the box fits nicely

Originally Posted by iHaveGas View Post
And then!
and then, i just got home. trying to get things organized at the shop for my texas trip is taking a lot of time. i didnt get as far as i wanted to, but luckily bigg50 is letting me keep his truck for a few more days. i am heading in bright and early to get as much done as possible.

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