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Originally Posted by WHYUMAD View Post
I was just curious. I've been wanting some retrofitted recons. My friend did my retrofit & it looks good, but if you pop the hood you'll see how he destroyed the light & they get condensation in them easy even after trying to reseal them. I'm looking for a good retrofit in the next few months after I finish my engine mids. I'd look for a clean, simple all matte black setup (Everything that can possibly be painted), without the halos, but with those sequential turn sigs. I'd want the upgraded HIDS as well for both the projector & off road lights. Shoot me a pricing for that setup when you have a chance.
Some lights get condensation because they don't have "enough" ventilation.
The heat from the lights is a lot more with the HIDs.
You might need to drill a few 1/8" holes into the back of it to allow for some of that heat to escape. Cover the holes with some fabric like/ hockey tape to stop crap from going in.
I'll figure up a price and pm you a quote.


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