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Originally Posted by metronyc View Post
I will highly recommend Whipple Gen 3, don't believe what vendors promise, they all about making money. do your own research. if you remember I ordered gen 3 after Whipple told me they have plenty of them and I can have it in 2 weeks and guess what, we are at week 6 and no SC. this practice of switch and bite apply to most vendors here. (and I dealt with most of them in the past ) . soon as you place the order and pay the run around began.
Wait, vendors are in business to make money? NO WAY!!! Maybe with that shitty attitude you have they are just fucking with

To the OP - don't fall into the trap of not trusting vendors on this site. On the flip side, and being from the vendor world myself, don't start off the conversation by acting like a broke-ass, pissed-off customer. Ask the questions you want answered, learn what is out there from that vendor, and then ask for his best price. It's a 2-way street you know. If you start out stating you are broke and already dissatisfied, then what's the motivation for a vendor to work their ass off to make you happy?

Sure, as vendors, we are out there to make money (duh). But there are a lot of us that want to help and enjoy making the customer happy and love it when they brag about it in this forum. Keep looking and you'll find that particular vendor that fits your needs and personality. Just don't expect to order Gucci parts at a Walmart price. It's just not a reasonable expectation........

Good luck with your search!!! There are a lot of vendors on here ready to help. BELIEVE IT!!!
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