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Originally Posted by Helopilot View Post
"Further, Adapt has built-in accent lighting that can be set to any color in the light spectrum, including white, for a custom look around town."

Looks like a great light bar, but I have to chuckle about the advertisement picture choice. If Toyota dude decides to keep his "custom look around town" in the red color shown in the picture (or blue if he is in that mood), he is in for a really unpleasant experience with any law enforcement person(s) who happen to notice that choice of color visible to the front of the vehicle. And trust me when I say, ANY/ALL law enforcement officers will notice red or blue lights visible to the front of the vehicle.

Iíve heard this before and it makes good sense. Thatís said, I saw a large dump truck a few weeks back that was covered in blue LEDs. He was part of a convoy of maybe 20 other trucks, and stood out like a sore thumb. The crazy part was that they were working on a large roadwork / bridge project that had a main road shut down, so there were local law enforcement everywhere. There must have been at least 6 law enforcement cars within a hundred yards. Not sure how/if he got away with it, but he was brazen as hell.

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