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Originally Posted by jaz13 View Post
Some people claim the Raptor's oil leak problem is widespread. Lets confirm or refute this by finding out what percentage of FRF readers have been affected by this problem.

For those that had the leak, post your build date and mileage when the leak was noticed in the comments so we can see if build date or milage are a factor with this problem.
I hate to break the news to you, but you need approx. over 2000 respondents to be within +/- 3% and over 700 to be +/- 5% and over 200 to be within +/- 10%. (which +/- 10% is pretty much a meaningless survey)

This is based on approx 20,000 raptors sold. These numbers go up if they sold more.

That does not even take into account that it is more likely that owners with problems will be on this forum!!! (huge point by the way that invalidates even the numbers I posted above)

Your idea and effort are applauded, but this is a useless exercise as I doubt you reach even a 100 respondents.
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