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Originally Posted by Sungod661 View Post
Not sure where the hate is coming from but we owned a 6.2 f150 harley and the note is quite similar. It definetly does not sound like a honda Civic. You are entitled to your opinion but i think you have not heard the atak to say something like that.

To those looking for a better sound i can recommend it but it quite loud.

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Also it is. Resonator delete which allows more free flow i would say definetly adds a little hp.

I just thought it was funny. I have a gen2 raptor just like you and I love it.

I also had a Gibson exhaust that was ATAK loud and droned horribly on the highway....

But yes it did sound like a Honda Civic with a fart can. Lol. I took it off.

The ATAK is a much better exhaust. Nicer sound I'm sure.

Just chuckling. Not hating
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