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Default New wheels question
I purchased Method 17x8.5 0 offset with 315/70-17 BFG KO2's. Well I ordered the wheels and tires yesterday morning thinking I would raise it to mid perch last night after work. The perch mod was extremely easy but I ran into a frozen set screw and I fear the lower spring perch might be frozen as well. Problem is my Allen wrench just happen to break in the set screw and I can't get the broken piece out. I tried a couple things; magnet, super glue to see if I could pull it out, started to drill but it being hardened that went nowhere. So, I put it all back together. My truck has 80k mile and from the looks of it non rebuilt shocks. So new shocks/rebuilt is a future option, but not for awhile. From my calculations the new wheels will push the tires out ~1.34" and from the looks of it it'll be very close to the rear inner fender during full lock.

My main question will the wheel and tire combo above fit on bottom perch without rubbing?

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