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Originally Posted by Ltl6pack View Post
Not sure how far you are away from your dealer, but I would recommend going in and let them ride with you and you let them hear it, and find/repair it. This kind of money you want it documented with them and it might be something to look at on all the trucks. What ever you find please let us know, Thanks
Thanks to all for your help. I am dropping it off again tomorrow for a more serious issue (truck doesn't shift right and sort of surges while trying to maintain a steady speed), so I will have them look at the 4 Auto issue. Aside from loud clunks, I am guessing they will tell me the noise I am hearing in 4 Auto is normal, but I didn't hear it at all on a 2017 Limited that I drove with the 10-speed transmission. I will keep everybody posted on what I find out. They just had my truck for 8 days with respect to the surging issue and thought it was due to a bad spark plug in cylinder #6 (it threw a misfire code for cylinder 6), but that apparently wasn't the issue because I am still having the same problem. I love the truck, but just want it to run right.
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