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does it come in shmedium?

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Originally Posted by warrior View Post
spoken like a guy that is not getting a Gen 2. My issue is NO communication from Ford, how about telling customers what is going on? shit happens, I get it. Just tell me, now the whole why my truck isnt built yet when I ordered July 28th?

I've seen this play out with my first 3 Gen 1's. I don't play this order game for this exact reason. I've ordered 1 vehicle in my life and it will most likely be the last. If/when I get my Gen 2 I will pick one up off the lot on a moments notice like every other car I've purchased.

Ford couldn't communicate the release date, the day the order banks opened or anything else on the front side and you expected everything to all of a sudden be crystal clear once the orders were placed? I've got some ocean front property in Arizona for you.

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Originally Posted by bdub85 View Post
The ordering process is absolutely terrible. But the truck is worth the wait trust me.

That's my point. Sit back, relax and the truck will get there. They aren't going to cancel your order if Ford has it built. In 5 months this is all going to be forgotten

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